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Roulette Strategy


Whilst roulette is a game of pure chance, there are some fundamental tips which can make you a smarter play. This article will present an overview of the basic tips which may restrict your losses and help you win more!

You are likely to find that online casinos offer both American and European roulette: you should note that playing European roulette offers greater chances of winning than the American version. The reason for this is that European roulette only has a single zero, whereas the American version has two. The more zeroes there are, the higher the house advantage.

How to win more playing Roulette

If you strike lucky and win it is wise to rake in your winnings as opposed to leaving them on the table for the next spin. Leaving you winnings on the table is likely to result in you losing your money faster.

In roulette there is a trade off between winning low amounts often by making outside bets, and winning infrequent large amounts by making inside bets. Making outside bets is likely to mean that your chip pile will remain relatively constant with little variance. In contrast, making inside bets is likely to result in significant changes (high variance) in your chip stack.

You can use this knowledge of high and low variance betting to your advantage when it comes to online casino bonuses. Before you can withdraw an online bonus there is often a requirement that you make a minimum number of bets. Therefore, choosing low variance betting in roulette may prove a wise strategy for racking up the number of bets made without reducing the bonus value too much. However, you should be aware that some online casinos exclude roulette bets in relation to the wagering requirements for withdrawing bonuses.