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Blackjack Strategy


Knowing when to hit and when to stand is the fundamental principle that will decide your success at Blackjack. Whilst there is a clear element of chance associated with Blackjack, this article will outline some basic tips that should help you win more often than not.

Reducing house edge in blackjack

Regardless of the strategy you deploy, the house will always have an advantage over you. However, deploying a good strategy will help you reduce the house advantage. You will need to be very disciplined in executing the strategy and not to deviate from it.

With this in mind, do not be tempted to chase losses! Whilst losing at any online casino game is hugely frustrating, you are likely to compound the frustration if you begin to chase your losses. If you deviate from the strategy by trying to chase losses you are likely to increase the house advantage.

Playing perfect blackjack strategy

The smartest thing you can do is set a realistic budget and stick to it. Even when deploying a good Blackjack strategy, you cannot expect to win every time. Before playing you should also decide how much you will bet on each hand. The more you bet for each hand, the shorter your session is likely to last.

Once you have established those key fundamentals you should find an online Blackjack strategy chart and have it open or close-by whenever you play. Such charts provide you with the statistically best decisions you can make in every possible Blackjack situation. If you want to systematically reduce the house advantage you should stick to the advice provided by the strategy chart.

It takes a lot of playing time to feel comfortable with all possible situations that arise in Blackjack. It may be a good idea to make use of free-to-play games that many online casinos offer. Alternatively, if you have received a casino bonus you may want to practice playing Blackjack with this bonus and go some way to meeting the wagering requirements associated with the bonus.