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Posted April 17, 2023 by Adam in Casino Games

Lottery based games have been around since the dawn of Online Casinos and there’s one game that stood the test of time, Keno! Its roots lie in China, and the game was brought to the US by an influx of immigrants, but now this iconic game can be played in every Online Casino. The great advantage of playing Keno over any other traditional lottery based game is that the players can effectively choose the odds they are betting against. This gives Keno the upper hand when versatility and accessibility are what players want. In addition to this Pay tables in video Keno in comparison to live Keno are usually a lot more generous, giving that extra incentive to play online.

When playing the online version of the game the cards are marked automatically so player input is virtually zero, however the excitement comes from watching your numbers drawn early on, giving you a better chance of picking up a sizable prize. The player may mark anywhere from 1 through 20 numbers on a card that has 80 numbers arranged in eight rows of ten.

Notice here that as they select/deselect numbers, the odds alter respectively. This gives you a clear understanding of what you are staking and betting against during the selection process.


A ticket with four number selection on it with AU$1

Potential returns could include:

AU$2 if two numbers are drawn

AU$5 if three numbers are drawn

AU$100 if all four come in!

As the number of balls increase you will see a marked rise in the prize money offered!

Paybacks range from below 70 percent to more than 80 percent.

Progressive Jackpots

There are many Online Casinos that offer Progressive Keno as part of their in house experience. These work in a very similar fashion to progressive pokies in which a small percentage of every bet taken is added to the mounting progressive jackpot. The top prize is won when a player opts into the progressive jackpot scheme and draws all 20 numbers on their Keno card.

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